Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Devon Yesberger - Creativity Through Limitations - Triads & More

 This is the first interview of 2021 and I was glad to catch up with Devon Yesberger.  Enjoy this interview with advice and thoughts on several interesting topics including creativity through limitations, keeping an open mind for all genres, the interconnectedness of the world's systems including musicians, recommended books and more. 

Brooklyn New Yorker and Berklee College of Music Alumnus, Mr. Yesberger is a consummate professional and inspirational personality. Listen to the end as he discusses a Free Digital Piano give-away every week of 2021.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Chris Speed - Catching Up with Globe-Trotting Woodwind Expert

Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone virtuoso Chris Speed plays is many groups and has kept a busy schedule as composer, band leader, sideman and record label owner for the past 30 years on both coasts. Some regular collaborators include John Hollenbeck, Jim Black, Tim Berne, Oscar Noriega, Cuong Vu and many many more.

Check out this Tiny Desk Concert with Endangered Blood.

Jake and Chris talk about creativity and taking the journey one day at a time. Students will enjoy Chris' view on the importance of being a cool kind person and also his approach with his own private students. Once again, the experts recommend more listening.  Chris shares one of his new favorite old recordings: These Foolish Things by Lester Young.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Dan Greenblatt on the 4 "i"s of Practice

November is Gratitude Month. I'm grateful for Dan Greenblatt and the EWHS Music Boosters. 

Dr. Greenblatt is an author, performer, composer and educator. 

Check out his great jazz instructional books on Amazon.

Enjoy this short video on how to remember how to practice well. Music is not Pole Vaulting.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Kristin Korb - Finding the Joy

Join bassist and vocalist Kristin Korb as she shares ideas with Jake Bergevin about finding joy in music through daily practice.  This session includes Kristin's current reading, activities and fun ways to explore the Major Pentatonic Scale.

Kristin currently lives in Denmark with her husband.  Visit her website to join her email list or learn more about this talented musician.

Recommended Books:
Rachel Maddow - Blowout

Tim Ferriss Show 
Pod Save America

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Jeff "Bongo" Busch

Jake Bergevin invites Jeff "Bongo" Busch to discuss his story and demonstrate several Brazilian percussion instruments and performance concepts. Drummers will especially enjoy this interview. 

iJazzEd Podcast Interview & Demonstration

Jeff plays with many of Seattle's top performers including EntreMundos Quartetto and Jovino Santos Neto

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Greg Feingold - iJazzEd podcast

 Bassist Greg Feingold shares some great advice for musicians hoping to improve. Enjoy this short visit with Greg and Jake Bergevin as they discuss motivation, practice habits and life philosophy.

Here's Jake and Greg's discussion:

Some highlights include these points:

  • It’s easy to play music with people who are better than you is easy. Find a way to play music with everyone and try to make it the best possible thing you can.

  • Ray Brown - Three Dimensional - “You Are My Sunshine”

  • 21 days to develop a habit - do a short amount every day!

  • Practice early in your day so you don’t feel weighed down.

  • “I don’t like really being bad at stuff. I don’t really know many people that do”.

  • Set tiny goals

  • Make one phone call everyday

  • We are all in the same ocean, just different size boats.
Check out this related learning philosophy on wiki called Pompodoro Technique

Larissa Meyer's notes from this talk:
ConceptTime MarkerMy adoption of this concept
"Play music with everyone" 1:45I should make an effort to play in person (socially distanced) with people outside of my section.
"Experience doesn't really matter once your on stage" 2:30

I should look into performing more, especially with other people, to improve my overall sense of collaboration and musicality.

"Addiction to practicing"3:20It is important view practice as a priviledge and stay motivated to play rather than an obstacle.
"Stay outside" 6:40I definitely need to prioritize spending more time outside going on walks and enjoying nature instead of being cooped up doing work indoors 24/7.
"It takes 21 days for something to become a habit" 8:00I plan to make a goal to practice for at least 21 days in a row, even for just 30 min, to form a more established habit of practicing.
"Walk away feeling like you could have done more" 9:20I won't make practice sessions unbearably long but shorter so that I can stay focused and motivated with a clear goal of what I want to practice next time while looking forward to my next practice section.
"Create a rigid practice block" 10:30I will create a more outlined practice schedule so that I can make sure to at least touch on all of the pieces/exercises I wanted to work on instead of getting caught up and distracted.
"Practice early in the day" 11:10If I prioritize my practice before the afternoon, I won't feel weighed down and spend the day worrying about whether I'll have enough time.
"Set tiny goals" 13:55I tend to overwhelm myself with big goals so it will probably be more effective to break down goals into small more realistic and less challenging pieces (not only regarding practice but other aspects of my life).
"Make a phone call a day"15:41Though a lot of people my age, including myself, rely on texting, I think it's important to be able to hear each others voices so I plan to focus more of my communication through phone calls or video calls instead of just texting.
"We're all in the same ocean, but the boats are different sizes"17:01I just thought this was a cool quote, seeing as a lot of people say "we're all in the same boat" which sort of downplay the experiences of individuals who may be facing more extreme struggles/hardships.  hardships.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Marcus Printup - transcribing, practicing, listening, dorian mode and "So What" lesson including triad pairs

 Marcus Printup is a wonderful guy! He plays with the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra and has many CDs as leader too.  He is a caring and thoughtful player and teacher. Join Marcus and Jake as they discuss the importance of mentors, listening, jazz history, practice and how to tackle "So What". Marcus has several great resources to guide you.  

Marcus says the best thing to do is to STAY PATIENT.  Follow the CDC guidelines. Play your long tones as if it's a meditation. Marcus guides us through a listening session of Clifford Brown and Sarah Vaughan on September Song. 

As we have discussed in many previous posts, minor scales and songs are an important aspect of your development. The song So What is a great tune for musicians to learn as it is very "scalular" and also has a chromatic modulation and is in only 2 keys. 

Enjoy this discussion and consider learning So What.

He says "the key to learning jazz is using your ears". This lesson can be informative to listen to only but Marcus also shared some great files to go along with it. Check these out too?