Sunday, May 8, 2016

EW Rumba Club #2 - hand percussion and dance

The circle widens at the second lesson in May at EW Band Room.

This blog is to aid and assist in a review of what happens at E-Dub Rumba Club (review) and to help those unable to attend to benefit from some of the concepts covered (spark notes).

Thanks to the EWHS Music Boosters and Kyle Humann Scholarship for sponsoring this lesson series with master percussionists: 

Ricardo Guity

Stuart Vasquez

and Steve Mostovoy

Goal: to expose EW Jazz Musicians to more diverse forms of music with hands-on interaction with authentic "Salsa" drumming artists and instructors, and to focus some energy and enthusiasm into Afro-Cuban drumming and Latin Jazz.

This Friday - May 13, 2016!! Live in our town.  This band is always amazing. Great soloists and fun.
Poncho Sanchez

We listened to this classic tune near the beginning of the lesson. Thanks Ray Baretto

We reviewed many of the basics of Conga playing including the 4 basic tones (bass, open, muff and slap) and the basic Tumbao pattern. Students worked on a practice pattern of "8 on a hand" then added the "hinge" motion necessary for the Tumbao.

Here's another review of the Tumbao.  These videos are great too. Thanks to Lincoln Center Jazz Academy and Bobby Sanabaria!

Students are encouraged to practice this on any surface if they do not have a drum at home.

Wednesdays at EdCC CLUB CAJA in the band room from 2:45-3:45 - come check this out to reinforce your concepts and meet more musicians!

We also reviewed the bongo pattern called Martillo and passed drums around the circle after a short interval so every student could get a chance to try the new grooves. 

Bells were discussed and described.  Cha Bell (smallest bell)  and Mambo Bell (both used with Timbales), Salsa Bongo Bell (bigger and often hand-held), Campana (biggest and also a global term for all cowbells meaning "Bell").

Steve Mostovoy had a nice way of explaining that the beat 2 of the 2 side of the Clave was a chance for all musicians to reunite and then diverge again.  Notice in the diagram above that all players play beat 2 of the first bar at the same time.

Bass and piano players worked on the Montuno patterns and we jammed on a Killer Joe style of chords shifting back and forth from C major to Bb Major.

Hand Percussion
Here's great video discussing the bells again.

Campana or Cincerro or Bell (timbale have "mambo bell" and "cha-cha bell", the bongocero has a "bongo bell") - the bells are played during the Montuno or "high" part of the song

Thanks to Edgardo Cambon for this excellent video on Youtube!
Focus on minute 8:45 - 10:45 for basics on Cha Cha but the whole video is great!
See minute 12:00 for the basic Cha Cha. 
See 13:25 for common mistakes.

Dance Videos for basic salsa
Long and thorough - step by step - not enough music - 36 moves

Slow and short demonstration only with music

Fun short video of the vibe of E-Dub Rumba Club with guest appearance from John Sanders

Eddie Palmieri

Last night while watching the Essentially Ellington Finals I noticed that Carlos Henriquez (bassist) has a new project which demonstrates some excellent Salsa chops.

It was especially fun to have some students from College Place Middle come join and learn.