Saturday, June 11, 2016

Arturo - Trumpet artist lecture and demonstration - Jazz Alley

School is almost out for summer. Sometimes I find it necessary to get inspired during practice sessions so I take a break and listen to music or motivational stories/talks. I hope you may be able to listen to these tracks when you want to.

I'm grateful to the Pacific Arts Institute and Dimtriou's Jazz Alley for hosting another wonderful session as a part of their "Meet the Masters" series.  Edmonds-Woodway High School had about 20 attendees for this crowded session on Memorial Day Weekend, May 28, 2016.

The following are some question and answer sound files. I think you might find them inspirational.

Topics include:
- The importance of piano
- How to deal with mistakes
- Understanding the term "Latin Jazz"
- Jazz as a language
- Importance of being curious "seek and find"
- Rhythm
- Drug Abuse
- Attitude of Gratitude

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